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Getting going with Github

Getting going with Github

I heard a few things about Github on various sites while I started out looking into coding. My first thought was – what the hell is that?!

Turns out a lot of coders use it as a portfolio, to share their coding or to work on the same pieces of code. Well, at least that’s my basic understanding of it from a quick bit of Googling (other search engines are available). It sounds from what I’ve read like a really good platform so I think I’ll sign up to it.

There’s a few videos out there which explain exactly what it is much better than I could, such as this one taken off the Github YouTube page. (Hats off to the creators of this by the way, one of the best put together videos I’ve seen).

5 minutes later…

Ok, so I’ve just signed up to GitHub and initially I’m really impressed. It was super quick and easy to sign up and now I’ve been taken straight to handy introduction page.


5 more minutes later… that’s right, I didn’t take the full 10 minutes. Thug.Life.

This was quite useful but actually having just finished it I’m a little disappointed. Having seen the video I linked to above and the style and ‘slickness’ of the website I expected some slick, cool, interactive tutorial but it’s mostly a list of instructions with some descriptive pictures. Having said that it was useful to get a grip on the basics.

So that’s my quick initial review of Github. I’ll post again in a month or two to let you know my thoughts once I’ve used it a bit more. I’ve been thinking about another review soon, this time of Code Academy which I’ve mentioned before, but this time maybe running a video with some commentary to keep both you and me interested and awake. Let me know if this is something you’d like to see/hear.