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Hello Projects

Hello Projects

Free Code Camp is going swimmingly well and I would genuinely recommend it to anyone who asks.

Not only does it teach you to code but it also introduces you to a community and so many other resources. So far I have gone through html and css that I learnt through codecademy but also bootstrap,  that allows you to build responsive design elements,  and some jsquery. 

I’ve been introduced to exciting new languages but I’ve also now been unleashed on my first set of projects. There are 3 ‘levels’ of projects (beginner, intermediate, advanced) and this is the first. There are two main projects at this level, the first is a tribute page and the second is a portfolio page. The latter I am just in the early stages of and will share with you all soon. 

My tribute page I dedicated to Alan Turing, purely because I happened to watch The Imitation Game (5 stars and available on Amazon Prime)  the night before I started the project. You can find my tribute page here. It’s built on a site called Codepen. A free platform for writing code that was introduced to me by Free Code Camp. It seems to be pretty good so far and helps keep things tidy by separating my coding.

The rules of the tribute page? 

  • It can be dedicated to anyone or anything.
  • It must be one page, not multiple pages. 
  • It must contain an image, text and a link to another site. 

I’m reasonably happy with mine apart from the margin on the left of the timeline. I would like to shift the timeline left a little bit which I could easily do with css. I don’t want to have half the screen blank though if it’s accessed on a phone or tablet, which is what would happen with css. If anyone knows how I can achieve that then let me know. 

I mentioned in a previous post that codecademy felt like it was constantly holding my hand. These projects certainly don’t do that and I love it. As I say I’m currently working on my portfolio page so watch this space.