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Learn to code with me… Or just listen. 

Learn to code with me is a series of podcasts hosted by Laurence Bradford. In the podcasts I have listened to she has interviewed various people from the tech world. 

While the title of the podcasts is arguably misleading – it seems less about learning to code and more about people’s career stories – they’re actually pretty interesting. I’m going to start with the few negatives before I explain all the positives of these podcasts, so… 

I mentioned the misleading title already. I don’t know if this has always been the case but the more recent podcasts don’t teach anything about coding. It’s interesting to hear how people get to where they are though, especially if the route is a little unusual. 

Laurence, the presenter, is no Piers Morgan or Michael Parkinson but she does a reasonable job. As long as people saying “like” and “y’know” doesn’t really wind you up. She says them,  like, a lot y’know. (see what I did there?). In fairness though she’s not bad so I’m not going to give her a hard time for that. 

The two other negatives are pretty small: firstly the podcast is American and since I’m based in the UK some of the language and references don’t mean much to me; secondly I’m an impatient man and the sponsors midway through annoy me. As I said pretty small and for some of you those won’t bother you at all.

Having got passed all that though there are plenty of positives. The questions are good insightful questions. Some are more relevant than others. I find myself zoning in and out quite a lot during each podcast depending on what’s being spoken about. The information in them is interesting if not groundbreaking but it’s good to be around technical talk, especially if like me you dont work in that sphere. 

The length of each podcast is pretty good. They’re each 40 minutes so perfect for a commute. I would recommend listening to them on a commute rather than just sitting on your sofa because as I said before some bits will be more relevant than others. 

Finally and something that shouldn’t be forgotten. They’re completely free to download. All the best things in life are free.