A well earned break

A well earned break

I’m still here, I promise. It’s been 2 weeks since my last post and until a couple of days ago had been 10 days since I’d done any sort of coding.

It wasn’t an intentional break but in hindsight I think it was need. Since I discovered Free Code Camp my coding life had been pretty full on. Bearing in mind I still hold a full time, non coding related job as well as everything else that goes on in life,  I’d perhaps been neglecting some other aspects of my life. Now I’ve had time to address those as well as get a bit of relaxation time I now feel rejuvenated and ready to crack on.

Im currently working on Javascript algorithms (such as this one), a series of challenges designed to make you think and put various coding elements together to solve a problem. For the first time since leaving school I feel like algebra has a purpose. No, I realise this isn’t algebra but it feels to me like the same way of thinking. If I have a and I want to get to z then I need to combine a with b and make ab do something… That kind of thing.

It’s difficult but I’m learning so much through doing them. Again it’s the idea of solving your own problems and having to apply what you know that makes things stick.

The break has done one thing, it’s made me even more determined to do more of what I love. My current career has taught me a lot but I don’t love it. I look around at work and see people who are more passionate and energised than me about their work. That’s how I feel about coding.


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