Return to Code Academy

Following on from my last post where I mentioned I’d previously been working through HTML and CSS Code Academy. Yesterday I picked back up from where I left off. 

I think the reason I may have let it slip before is that I was midway through ‘the box model’ and various ways of positioning your elements. Of course this is an essential but I like the flashy bits the most so for me,  while necessary,  it wasn’t the most exciting. 

Most of what I did yesterday was related to positioning. I actually have one question, which I’ll look up if no-one provides an answer but… if I format position: relative; then what is it relative to? The whole page, it’s nearest element? I’m a little confused. 

The lesson mentioned using the fixed positioning to create a navigation bar. The idea of creating a drop down navigation bar has been in my head as an unofficial milestone for some reason so getting close to that is exciting. I feel like my coding journey has properly started. Exciiiitiiing!


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