Starting out

Starting out

So here it goes!

I have always dabbled with coding. As a teenager I had a Myspace profile, which to be honest I never got on with. I also had a Piczo site which was my pride and joy, I spent many many hours of my mid teens adding and building that. I took it pretty seriously and learning some basic coding to put it together.

Since then it’s gone pretty quiet on that front.

That is until a couple of months ago when I discovered Code Academy. This free site seems really good as an introduction to HTML and CSS. I dropped off using it a little because I stupidly signed up to do a marathon this spring so that’s been dominating my life at the moment. The training for that has significantly dropped in the last couple of weeks though so I’m hoping to get back into code academy again.

Any recommendation of good resources for coding are welcome. I don’t want to spend a fortune on anything just yet though.


4 thoughts on “Starting out

      1. So far I’m taking Intro to Computer Science. It starts with the fundamentals of what a variable is, leading up to string theory until you know enough to get introduced to Python. Coming from the style at Codecademy, where everything is hand-holding/spoonfeeding, but the lessons are precise, Udacity’s style feels more like a real class, with a very human professor who may not always be precise at explaining stuff, but it’s actually more challenging in that the quizzes do make you think. I feel that having something like Codecademy and then something like Udacity’s a good balance for a more well-rounded approach to learning code.


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